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Welcome to Let’s Visit Asia – the ultimate Asia travel site.

I’m Ruth. After leaving my job to travel Asia, I created this website to document my adventures and write travel guides on the different countries I visit in Asia.

I cover an increasing list of a variety of topics, but my favorite things to write about are; travel guides, food (I love ramen in particular), travel and sleep, and travel health.

I’ll talk about the different sections of Let’s Visit Asia in more detail below…

Travel and Sleep

Sleep is an often neglected part of traveling around Asia. People often forget that if you don’t sleep well, you simply won’t have the energy to spend full days out seeing the sights of whichever incredible country in Asia you are visiting.

But not here at Let’s Visit Asia.

I’ve spent too many nights not being able to sleep in unfamiliar hostels and hotels. And even though I board countless flights each year, believe it or not, I still struggle to sleep on long flights.

As a result, I researched about sleep and found some great tips that really help me get a good night’s sleep when I’m traveling Asia.

Here are some of my favorite write ups about sleep on Let’s Visit Asia:

Travel Health

Gyms in Tokyo for Tourists Featured Image

It can be easy to eat junk food, not sleep too much and party the days away while traveling short-term. But if you’re wanting to travel long-term (for example, if you work remotely) then you’ll want to get yourself into a positive lifestyle routine to stay healthy.

The last thing you want is to become ill in an unfamiliar country without any family or friends nearby.

As a result, I spent years finding ways to keep myself in good shape while traveling. With this knowledge, myself and some expert Asia travel writers have published some great articles to help you too.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of work in this section on Let’s Visit Asia:


Performance Lab Multivitamin Review

Since I travel full time while writing for Let’s Visit Asia, it’s only natural that I’ve formed a small, trusted list of things that I never go without.

I also always seem to get asked what things I rate the highest out of all the things in my backpack very often. So, to answer these questions, I’ve started to write reviews of products that I always take with me as essential items.

The products I always take with me are things like health supplements, laptop (including chargers, stands etc), camera and more.

This section is still pretty new, but if you follow Let’s Visit Asia then you’ll see more and more reviews come to life.

Here is a review of one health supplement I always take with me:

General Travel Guides

This section contains a wide range of topics and articles. It’s where I add the bulk of articles that don’t fit under my other sections.

You’ll find that my travel guides mostly consist of food articles. And the majority of landmarks I visit often revolve around food too (eg. the cup noodle museums in Japan).

I’ll admit that I do focus much of my time writing about food, so I promise to broaden my horizons in this section to cover many other topics too.

Here are some of my general travel guides:


An image of us sat down inside Tsuta after finishing our bowl of ramen, with the kitchen and chefs viewable.

I’ve saved the best until last here…

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE food.

I’m a fully fledged “foodie” for sure; I’ve been known to often travel countries and places just for one dish (eg. Chiang Mai exclusively for a bowl of Khao Soi).

Out of all the incredibly tasty foods in Asia, Ramen is probably the one I love the most. Especially in Tokyo.

As a result, I’ve dedicated a whole section of Let’s Visit Asia to my favorite dish in Asia – Ramen.

For those interested in food write ups other than Ramen, I do plan on expanding my foodie reach with articles very soon. So watch this space, for sure.

Here are some articles about Ramen on Let’s Visit Asia:

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Traveling Asia is something I’ve loved to do for a long time, but it didn’t come easy. I saved up tons of money beforehand, gained freelance writing jobs for some of the biggest travel sites online and learned how to create my own websites.

The culmination of my knowledge is this website: Let’s Visit Asia.

It’s something I’m super proud of and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading whichever articles you found!

I’m always open for new ideas, so let me know on a comment somewhere what you think I should write about next. And thanks for stopping by at Let’s Visit Asia.

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