Vegetarian Izakaya Tokyo: Best Dedicated Vegan/Vegetarian Places

Looking to experience Vegetarian Izakaya in Tokyo? We’ve got you covered…

We’ve often mentioned on Let’s Visit Asia that being vegetarian in Tokyo isn’t easy.

Many tourists are often shocked by how difficult it is to find veggie options on the menus of Japanese restaurants for this reason.

But we don’t think being vegetarian should negatively impact your travels around Japan.

And it doesn’t have to – if you know the right places to visit.

What are Izakaya’s?

Izakaya’s are traditional Japanese bars (or drinking establishments). If you’re from the UK or Ireland, then it’s the Japanese equivalent of “pubs”.

They are places that many love to drink beer and other beverages at. While also eating typical foods and snacks that you’d find in Izakaya’s, such as Yakitori (Japanese chicken skewers).

Not visiting an Izakaya while in Tokyo and enjoying beer & food would be a bit like visiting Ireland and not enjoying a pint of Guinness in a pub.

And we wouldn’t want you to sit there only drinking beer while your non-veggie friends enjoy a constant delivery of chicken Yakitori to their table.

So, without further delays, let us show you the best places to find vegetarian-friendly Izakaya’s in Tokyo…

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Izakaya Masaka (Vegan-Friendly in Tokyo)

Located in the heart of the popular Shibuya district of Tokyo, Izakaya Masaka is our number one choice here for good reason. Let us explain…

It was specifically created as a vegan Izakaya in Tokyo in 2019, with their most popular vegetarian Izakaya dishes being kara-age and gyoza (the gyoza is pictured in this article’s featured image).

We’d actually go as far as saying that Izakaya Masaka would be one of our top recommendations for people looking for vegetarian restaurants/bars/cafes in the whole of Japan.

As mentioned, it is still quite difficult to find vegetarian/vegan friendly places in Tokyo, so having a dedicated vegan Izakaya is incredible.

The food is so high quality that even meat-lovers choose to eat and drink at Izakaya Masaka.

So, if you’re traveling to Tokyo in a friend group that contains meat-eaters, you’ll be glad to hear they’ll have just as good a time as the vegetarians and vegans in the group too.

Where to find Vegan Izakaya Masaka in Tokyo:

  • Address: 15-1, 15 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan
  • Opening Hours (Mon-Sun):
    • Lunch: 11:30am – 3pm
    • Dinner: 5pm – 10pm

Izakaya Genki (Vegetarian Friendly in Tokyo)

A close second on our list is the vegetarian friendly Izakaya Genki.

If you’re vegan and reading this article, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can request vegan dishes even if they aren’t listed on the menu (since the chefs are happy to “veganize” their meals). Izakaya Genki are even known to use vegan cheese to cater for vegan customers.

You’ll find many positive reviews from tourists visiting Tokyo; the owner is known to be fluent in English and very kind, so that’s also a positive for those looking for tourist-friendly places to eat in the Japanese capital too.

The most popular dish from Yasai Izakaya Genki is the okonomiyaki made with Avocado; visitors mention this is so unique that you won’t find another okonomiyaki dish like it anywhere else in Japan.

Where to find Yasai Izakaya Genki in Tokyo:

  • Address: 1 Chome-10-5 Uchikanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan
  • Opening Hours (Mon-Sun): 6pm – 11pm

Enjoy Vegetarian Izakaya Tokyo!

We’ve heard horror stories of vegetarian tourists visiting Izakaya’s in Tokyo with their meat-eater friends, only to find 1 or 2 side dishes they can eat for dinner.

As a result, we wanted to help those doing their research (by searching into Google “Vegetarian Izakaya Tokyo”) and actively looking for vegan/vegetarian friendly Izakaya’s in the Japanese capital.

We hope that we’ve rewarded you with the information you were looking for.

Our favorite place for veggie options to enjoy with beverages has to be Izakaya Masaka. The food there is really top class and we’d recommend even non-vegetarian tourists to visit there.

If you want to visit more than one vegetarian-friendly Izakaya in Tokyo, then Izakaya Genki is also a great option for you to enjoy.

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