Cup Noodle Museum Tickets

Interested in visiting the Cup Noodle Museum in Osaka or Yokohama and are trying to find the cost of tickets? It makes sense, as we always like to figure out our budget for each individual trip…after all, nothing is worse than visiting somewhere and missing out on some attractions because you didn’t pack enough cash.

Well, the good news for you is that you’re in the right place, my friend.

We wrote this mini article solely dedicated to provide this exact bit of information, so enjoy!

How To Buy Cup Noodle Museum Tickets during Covid 19

This is actually quite important, so we thought that we’d start with this.

If you’re in Japan during the coronavirus outbreak, then the way to obtain tickets to the cup noodle museum in Yokohama has changed; you are required to purchase tickets at a Lawson convenience store since the “walk up” ticket booths are closed as a preventative measure.

We’ll include an image of the “pop up warning” you receive when visiting the cup noodle museum website that details this. So don’t forget to follow these steps if you’re making plans to visit (if you’re interested, we’ve also written a quick guide on how to get to the Cup Noodle Museum Osaka). 

A pop up notice on the cup noodle museum official website detailing the preventative measures to buy admission tickets during the covid outbreak
An image of the “pop up” warning when you visit the Cup Noodle Museum official website.

Admission Fee to Obtain your Tickets at the Cup Noodle Museum

Since you’re researching and making plans to visit a cup noodle museum, you’re probably already aware that there are two – one in Ikeda (in Osaka), and one in Yokohama.

*Psst…If you’re wanting to complete your plans, we’ve written a great guide on the best things to do near the cup noodle museum in Osaka.

As a result, we’ll include the ticket costs for both museum locations for you here:

  • Tickets to the Cup Noodle Museum in Ikeda, Osaka are FREE (although, there are charges for some attractions once inside).
  • Tickets to the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum cost 500 Yen for Adults. Children of High School age and younger are admitted free of charge (again, there are additional charges for attractions inside).

If you’re in Yokohama and you think 500 Yen is too expensive for adults, then you may be pleased to know that entry to the Yokohama Museum costs 380 Yen for adults.

When You Can Use Your Cup Noodle Museum Tickets (Opening Times)

By now, you’ve probably decided on whether you want to visit the cup noodle museum in either Osaka or Yokohama. Did you choose Osaka because admission is free? We don’t blame you…

Well, we won’t leave you without providing you with the opening times for both museums. Because you wouldn’t want to turn up too early or too late and miss out.

Ikeda, Osaka Location

The cup noodle museum in Osaka opens on all days apart from Tuesdays (during most times of the year) at 9:30 am and closes at 4:30 pm. But be aware that the last admission into the museum is at 3:30 pm.

Also, it’s worth noting that if Tuesday falls on a national holiday in Japan, then the following Wednesday will also be closed. And the museum is closed at the end of the year all the way through to the New Year holidays.

Yokohama Location

The cup noodle museum in Yokohama actually opens a tiny bit later at 10 am, but also closes slightly later at 6 pm. The latest they will allow entry is at 5 pm, so make sure to arrive before then.

Again, like with the Osaka location, the same rule applied in terms of Tuesdays being closed and Wednesday will also be closed if the previous Tuesday was during a national holiday in the land of the rising sun.

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